House needs TLC
My family rents from Treasure 2 times per year but this house was not the Treasure quality that we usually expect. This house needs lots of improvements. The rugs, pillows, comforters were very dirty. The rugs were so dirty in the bedrooms they felts sticky! The flooring in living room/kitchen were coming apart, the couches and chairs were stained and not comfortable. Lots of trash on the outside of the garage area. Most of the bathroom fixtures in all of the bathrooms were loose or falling off. The shower curtains had mildew and were stained. Most of the chairs at the dining table were loose and very wiggly. During our visit the AC went out and needed to be fixed. The AC filters were filthy and we were surprised when we called Treasure that they asked us if we had changed the filters!! Not our job! The owners need to come and spend some time at this house and give it the TLC that it needs.
-- 152jms, Maryland Line, Maryland 8/27/2018
Needs TLC
I would love to give this rental a higher rating however, it appears the owner does not keep up with the home as they should. When we arrived we were disappointed by the exterior maintenance. There were weeds everywhere including the driveway and growing into the carport area where there are picnic tables. Generally dirty in that entire area. Next, the home needs painted terribly. People who rent these homes apparently do not care about hitting walls and marking them up but it went a bit beyond that with a lot of "nail pops" that need repaired. The evening we checked in we realized that 4 out of 5 of the recessed lights in the kitchen were burned out. It's very difficult to find things and cook a meal when you are lacking that much light. Another issue was that 6 out of 6 bathroom shower curtain liners were mildewed BADLY. When we went to close the vertical blinds that evening, guess what... more than half of them were missing so there was a lack of privacy as all of the bedrooms have sliding doors that open up to a balcony. (45 slats were replaced and they didn't replace the "end" ones that were missing-just the center areas). Since you don't notice these things at check-in (3PM), it creates a bit of a problem because the rental agency closes at 5PM and does not re-open until Monday morning. Do yourself a favor and check these things as soon as you get there. I'm not sure the rental agency would have done anything before Monday anyway but it would have been nice to have at least had clean shower curtain liners. The hot tub was filthy (we paid extra for hot tub). This rental could use some extras. Mattresses are not comfortable, pots and pans were very poor quality and kitchen was not well equipped generally. No hooks in bathrooms to hang towels etc. If I owned this place I would be appalled at it's appearance since it is only 2 years old. On the up side, the rental agency was very good with fixing our problems even though it took some time. I feel like they should probably be open on Sunday because of this. They do have an emergency number to call but none of our issues constituted and emergency in our minds. I don't blame the issues on the rental agency but think that the owner needs to hire better cleaning and maintenance personnel. I was very surprised that a house built in 2013 had deteriorated this badly.
-- diluli24, Randolph, Ohio 10/8/2015